Jun 16

CPCU Society Northwest Regional Diversity Discussion & Happy Hour

06/16/20 7:00pm to 9:00pm

From the Pacific Northwest CPCU Society Chapter:

Recent events have sparked renewed discussion surrounding Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and other topics that can be uncomfortable to discuss in a business enviornment. 

Please join us on June 16th at 4pm for a our first ever regional discussion surrounding topics of race and gender equity, how to be an ally. All chapters in the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Spokane, North and South Sound (aka PNW), Alaska, and Idaho are invited to join us. Not in one of these Chapters? Join us anyway! 

What can we do as individuals, as Chapters, and as a region to promote and encourage inclusive and equitible policies at our companies? Even if we aren't decision makers? 

This event is meant to be casual and non-judgemental; a place to bring questions and concerns and as a group work towards viable solutions. 

Register HERE

Please note: Times on this website differ depending on the viewers IP address location. This event is from 4pm to 6pm pacific.