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Scholarship 2015

12/19/14 8:52am

The Central Jersey Chapter of the CPCU Society

The CPCU Society, a nationwide organization of Insurance and Risk Management

Professionals, promotes continuing education, professionalism, research, high ethical

standards and community service by property-casualty insurance professionals. The

Society members believe in the value of education and have or are in the process of

earning the prestigious CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter) designation.

The CPCU designation is conferred by the American Institute for CPCU to those in the

industries that have developed expertise, and pledge to abide by an enforceable code of

professional ethics.

The Central Jersey Chapter of the CPCU Society has a Scholarship Program which offers

a $1,500 scholarship to each of two students. Priority will be given to those students who

are seeking a career in insurance or an insurance related field. Matching funds may be

available from the Loman Foundation, part of the National CPCU Society.

Eligibility requirements:

The Applicant must be an Active Member of the Central New Jersey CPCU Chapter, the

Spouse, Child, Grandchild, Stepchild or dependent of an active Chapter Member.

The Student must be enrolled or accepted to, and planning to attend, an accredited two or

four year college or vocational school; not have been awarded this scholarship in the past;

and not been the recipient of full financial aide or any other full scholarship.

Prior unsuccessful candidates may reapply.

Please see the next page for the application instructions and do not hesitate to contact me

if I can be of assistance.

Mike Pawelczak, CPCU

B: 609-883-1300 x6931

Instructions for Application

Please submit the following:


2. Transcript of high school or college grades as of the end of the current school

year. The transcript should cover at least two prior academic years and all college


3. A copy of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores. Please note in ITEM 14 of

the application if you were not required to take the SAT.

4. Two letters of recommendation from the persons listed in ITEM 12 of the

application, sent by the deadline under separate cover, to the address below.

a. One letter from a teacher.

b. One letter from a guidance counselor.

All of the above materials should be sent to the address below by March 1, 2015.

All Applicants will be notified of the results by April 1, 2015.

Mike Pawelczak, CPCU

Central Jersey Chapter CPCU


5 Treelawn Ter.

Hamilton, NJ 08619-


The Loman Foundation may provide matching scholarship funds to complement the

funding from the Central Jersey Chapter of the CPCU Society. The goal is to foster

insurance and risk management education at the college level and encourage students to

pursue the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter designation.

The Foundation requires the following:

1. The student has demonstrated success at the college level;

2. The student has completed a minimum number of credit hours to be classified by

the educational institution as a sophomore; and

3. The student is pursuing courses leading to a degree in insurance, risk management

enterprise risk management, risk management for public entities, or if no similar

degree is offered, the student is pursuing courses in these fields at the time of the

request for scholarship funding.

Individuals currently employed in insurance or the risk management industry and taking

one or more courses related to insurance or risk management may be eligible as well, and

should complete the attached document.

Central Jersey Chapter, CPCU – Scholarship Grant Application Page 1

1. About the Applicant:



City State Zip

Date of Birth: Home Phone: ( ) SS#

2. Family member or Applicant that is currently an active member of the Central

New Jersey CPCU chapter:



City State Zip code

3. School in which presently enrolled or attending and your status. (freshman,

sophomore, etc.)

School Status

4. At which school have you been accepted and plan to attend?

School Status

5. What recognition have you received in school for scholastic excellence (i.e.

honors, awards, etc.)?

6. Do you believe that your present and recent grades in high school and/or

advanced education reveal fairly and accurately your ability to do the work

required at a higher level of education? If not, please explain.

Page 2

7. List any extra curricular activities in which you have taken part. (i.e. year book

staff, athletics, clubs, etc.)

8. List any religious, civic, fraternal, recreational or other organizations in which

you have been active during the past two years. Mention if you have held an

office in the organization.

9. Have you any special skills or training in any field? If so, please provide a brief


10. What are your career goals at the present time? Please be specific.

11. Indicate the reason(s) you feel you deserve this scholarship. Page 3

12. List below the name of a person(s) who knows you and your academic record

well and whom you have asked to send a letter of recommendation to the

Selection Committee. (One from a teacher and one from a guidance counselor)

13. List any employers and the average number of hours worked per month during

your school years.

Employer name Address Hours per month




14. The space below may be used to enter any additional data you may wish to bring

to the attention of the Selection Committee. (Please note if you were not required

to take the SAT in this space.)

I hereby affirm that I have completed this entire application, have not been a recipient

of full financial aide and have answered the questions truthfully.

Signature of Applicant _ Date

CPCU- Loman Scholarship Supplemental Application

The Loman Supplemental Scholarship program is for full time employees in the

insurance industry, risk management, or enterprise risk management fields who are

taking courses at the college or university level to further their career in insurance or

risk management, but not necessarily in pursuit of a degree.

Name of the Applicant _ Date / /_

Applicant’s Employer


Phone Number ( _) - E-mail address

Applicant’s Principal Duties

Applicant’s Job Title

Applicant’s Date of Hire / /

Name of Educational Institution

Educational Institution’s Web address

Course Title

Course description

Course starting date / / ending date / /

How will the successful completion of this course advance the Applicant’s career?